About Us

Hello! You are probably here because you care about your beauty and it is also important for you not only how you look today, but also what you will become tomorrow!? Holwah is a brand beyond beauty, it’s a status of empowering women to give more, lead more and keep on shining in their community.

Holwah identity is inspired by the desert, a common aspect of the Arab world geography. It is also a reflection of the different skin tones of Arab women that differs from one Arab country to the other. And just like a desert, Arab women are resilient. Time might show wrinkles on the surface but Holwah home devices and skin care products give it back. Its beauty and glory.

Our mission is to make home cosmetic procedures more effective, faster and more convenient. We understand the current trends toward the use of non-invasive, uncomplicated solutions that do not require long personal time but are effective and comfortable with self-care. And we also understand that each HOLWAH™ beauty gadget must be multi-functional, have high-quality workmanship and be accessible for most women who want to preserve their beauty and youth.

HOLWAH™ is a team of people who create vibrant worldviews. We started in Dubai in the UAE, but we are growing quickly to serve all women in the arab region, in a fast and reliable way. We strive to bring joy and motivation to the people around us. And we are ready to share this joy with you! And how could it be otherwise, if waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror, you can feel your beauty, your vitality and energy? And you can feel them at every touch! And in order for this to be so, we are constantly looking for the latest, unique developments and innovative technologies.

We definitely find them and turn them into a useful and convenient reality, creating functional and stylish daily helpers for your beauty! All our solutions and products are a bright charge of exceptionally positive emotions! At any moment you can touch them, take a dip, feel them with every cell and, opening up to the world around you, convey to it the harmony and beauty of your individuality.

That’s why our motto is defined by just two simple words – BEAUTIFUL TECHNOLOGY! HOLWAH ™ is your beauty team!